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March 24, 2023

The Best Floating Therapy in Washington DC

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Our CEO Martin discovered the positive impact of flotation spas as part of his wellness journey. This sensory-free floating experience touts multiple health benefits from stress and pain relief to improved focus. His favorite place to float in DC is Soulex, located in Mount Vernon Square. We sat down with Martin to learn more about his undying love for flotation and why he thinks everyone should try it.

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Who introduced you to floating? How did you learn about it?

A couple of years ago, I met someone who used to float. He introduced me to the concept and at the time, truthfully, I didn’t get it. In exploring the wellness options in the area surrounding our properties, I was intrigued by Soulex. I booked an appointment to give floating another try and I was immediately taken by the high-quality experience this owner-operated studio has to offer.

I’ll say this; whenever I’m stuck and I don’t know why, I’ll go there and the answer will come to surface. One of the biggest breakthrough sessions I experienced during a float was when I was going through a creative block. I came out of that particular session with the energy and creative spirit I needed to pursue my professional goals at the time.

How often do you float?

Pre-COVID, every few weeks. Now, every few months. Every time I go, I walk away so happy to have had the experience. It truly helps to center me.

Have you ever fallen asleep in the tank?

No. I’ve gone into a deep meditative state but never fallen asleep.

You have successfully pressured everyone in our office to try flotation. Why do you think everyone should try it, at least once?

It’s a good way for someone to be shaken up. It encourages people to be more open-minded. Add in the relaxation and the healing quality of the Epsom salt, why would you not try something so restorative to your body and soul?

Interested? Take a look at this short video and hear from Pedramin, founder of Soulex, about her passion for floatation therapy and what drove her to open a studio in D.C.

Still Unsure?

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