• Welcome to the Oslo community! We are a group of individuals devoted to creating a thriving living atmosphere. We believe in the power of collaboration and co-creation, and we are intent on working together to build a community that is bold, inclusive and present.

  • We believe in:

    Holistic Design

    We seek to build beautiful and versatile spaces that are adaptable to the needs of the community and surrounding neighborhood.


    Our goal is to create a collaborative community—open to change, and finding ways to creatively solve problems.

    Close-knit Community

    We believe that healthy communities build and maintain trust—creating stronger and more resilient relationships.

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  • Our Community

    We are a diverse community from tech entrepreneurs to established professionals — brought together to participate in a nourishing community.

    OSLO has been a great fit for me. I loved that I was able to just show up with my clothes and settle right into a new group of friends. The space has been beautifully decorated and outfitted which makes coming home to it that much better. I travel a lot for work so making time to see folks is always a challenge. At OSLO, I have an awesome built-in group of people to come home to. The private spaces also mean I have a way to take time to myself when I want to. It's a great combination of social when I want to be and introverted when I want to be. If you are looking for a place that lets you build friendship and community while also providing space for independence - OSLO is it!

    Sarah, 37 years old

    OSLO Resident, 7 months

    Deciding to move into a co-living space was a difficult decision that I worried about once I took the plunge. Looking back a year I wish I had made the move earlier. The quality of the facilities plus the awesome people I have as roommates are what make the situation a huge positive in my life. There are many reasons to explore co-living. If you are moving to DC there is not better way to “learn” the city and begin to establish a social network than OSLO.

    John, 57 years old

    OSLO Resident, 10 months

    Safety, empowerment, knowledge sharing, friendship, laughter, and meaning defines the OSLO experience. The community is an exhibit, a space designed to advance well-being, curiosity and comfort. Co-living generates a new tribe–kindred the participants become. If you’re new to the nation’s Capital, living part-time between geographies, a remote/hybrid worker or seek interactions with a diversity of life forces, then OSLO provides such access and opportunity to what is the 22nd century lifestyle. I am grateful for the immersive art on the walls, engagement with management, and the refreshment I experience each time that I enter or exit the OSLO edifice.


    Pascal, 27 years old

    OSLO Resident, 1 year

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