Eight 5-bedroom apartments located at 1219 Florida Ave. NE.


  • It's brand spanking new. The building opened in 2017.
  • Every apartment has 5 bedrooms. Count ‘em five.
  • Every bedroom has its own bathroom. Never again will you have you argue over whose turn it is to clean it.
  • Striking modern design with minimalist features.
  • A kitchen with stainless steel appliances including a stove, oven, dishwasher, microwave, large basin sink, full-sized fridge and full-sized freezer.
  • A 20+ foot kitchen island.
  • Everyone has a walk-in shower. No grimy tub.
  • There is a space-saving, stackable washer and dryer in every unit.
  • There are huge windows everywhere. We're talking about a lot of light.
  • Nest thermostats and USB wall outlets.
  • A serene communal terrace.
  • A small community. You (should) know your neighbors. There's only 40 of you.
  • Four off-street parking spaces directly behind the building available for rent.
  • Killer location in the Atlas district. Just two block north of H Street, great restaurants, great bars, great people and lots of creative energy.



The entire building has more or less the same layout. Unique variations are noted below.


  • Unit 1 - 1,741 SF
    (every bedroom has its own small patio)
  • Unit 2 - 1,733 SF - 1 BEDROOM AVAILABLE  
    (every bedroom has its own small patio)


  • Unit 3 - 1,647 SF
    (We fibbed a bit. This apartment has 4 bathrooms instead of 5. It’s 5-bedrooms and 4-bathrooms. But hey, choose one of the rooms that shares a bathroom and save some $$.)
  • Unit 4 - 1,733 SF


  • Unit 5 - 1,741 SF 
  • Unit 6 - 1,733 SF 


  • Unit 7 - 1,741 SF - AVAILABLE NOW
  • Unit 8 - 1,733 SF